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“We engaged BGI Benchmark Group to review our Accounts Payable function and test the reliability of our GST reporting processes. We found the review to be highly beneficial from a compliance perspective. The review sought not only to identify unclaimed GST credits and duplicate payments, but also provided us assurance that the systems we have in place are working efficiently. During their review we found the BGI staff to be professional and knowledgeable and more importantly their work had minimal impact on business operations. We look forward to working with BGI again in the future.”

Tax & Treasury Manager of a major Technology Services Company

“The BGI team is very organized and dealt with our complex organizational structure very well. The audit covered a number of years, involving data from different accounting systems, and large number of operating companies. BGI maintained the impact to our business at a minimum and provided periodic progress reports. The tax hotline service is superb.”

Tax Manager of a global leader in the Food Distribution and Wholesaling industry

“As promised, your team delivered an excellent service that was self-funding with minimal disruption to our day to day operations. The process of creating, and supplying, the initial data file for the review was easy and efficient. It was nice to have dedicated IT professionals on [BGI’s] end to ensure that this was not an onerous process for us.”

Tax Manager of a global provider of Infrastructural Engineering & Consulting Services

“We have been using the services of BGI since approximately 1998. Senior Tax Specialist Peter Goindi has been assigned to our file for the past 17 years. We have always been pleased with how thorough and non-disruptive BGI’s reviews are. The reviews have further enhanced our confidence in our systems and procedures, and have complemented current internal and external audit reviews that are in place.”

Manager of Finance of an Ontario School Board

“BGI’s thoroughness is evident. The period BGI reviewed had already been reviewed by another sales tax recovery firm. BGI still managed to find additional recoveries that were missed.”

Manager of Accounting & Financial Analysis of a Provincial Crown Corporation

“We have had the pleasure of using the services of BGI Benchmark Group for the past 11 years. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. The reviews performed are extremely thorough and complete. In the most recent review, 39% of the total GST/HST recoveries were found from transactions with an invoice amount of less than $1,000.”

Controller of one of the largest Dry Bulk Terminal & Export Facilities in North America

“Upon the completion of the review, Peter presented us with his findings in a simple format. He provided us with copies of all invoices where we missed claiming the appropriate tax amounts. This made it very easy to conduct our final review in order to validate Peter’s findings.”

Accounting Services Manager of a Southern Ontario Municipality

“BGI Benchmark Group recently completed their second sales tax review of our company in Canada. We were very satisfied with both the results and the process of the review. I was impressed with the amount of work that had been completed by their consultants before they arrived on our premises. I was surprised with how little time and energy was needed from us on-site, virtually none.”

Financial Controller of a Global Leader in Certification, Testing & Inspection Services

“I would like to express my thanks for the efficient and thorough Sales Tax Review undertaken by BGI. As always, I was impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of your team and in the way in which they undertook the review with minimal impact on our staff and our day to day operations.”

Vice President – Finance of an Industrial Construction Technical Services Provider

“I found them to work extremely proficiently onsite although most of their work is completed offsite. In short, I would not hesitate to use BGI in the future and believe other companies should seriously consider them when selecting a provider.”

Finance Manager of a Manufacturer recognized as “One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies”

“We were hesitant to use this service, first we assumed that we had enough checks and balances in place to catch any errors that may occur, and second because we felt that our staff would have to spend a considerable amount of time assisting with the audit. We were mistaken. We would recommend BGI to any organization that would like to save money from missed Tax Credits.”

Controller of a National Services Company recognized as “One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies”

“BGI initially proved their value by performing a secondary review where they were able to obtain significant additional rebates. From that point forward I have been completely satisfied with BGI’s service. BGI’s work quality and knowledge is excellent.”

Director of Finance & Administration of a Provincial Charitable Organization

“I found the support provided following the review to be very valuable. To be able to access your network of tax professionals with questions is an asset to our Health Centre, especially since it does not cost us anything to take advantage of that service.”

Manager of Financial Services of a Canadian Health Centre

“Your tax specialist worked efficiently, unobtrusively and without any disruptions to our work routine. I was also pleased with the recoveries that were identified, while at the same time, reassured that our internal system and processes were working well.”

Deputy Treasurer of Canadian Municipality

“Having used various commodity tax recovery companies in the past, I can say that BGI’s service is second to none and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to have their commodity tax process reviewed.”

Corporate Controller of an International Transit Company

“BGI conducted its review in a very professional and thorough manner, and at the conclusion, BGI’s tax specialist conducted an informative, in-depth seminar that was very well received by our Accounts Payable and Purchasing staff.”

Director of Finance of a Canadian Hospital

“We were very pleased with the results of the review conducted by the BGI Senior Tax Specialist. He went about the review in a thorough, professional and timely manner. We were also impressed the minimal time required by my IT staff to provide the download of the electronic files.”

Chief Financial Officer of a Security Services & Solutions Company

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"We found the BGI IT department to be helpful in assisting our staff with the data conversion and our input in the whole process was minimal. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BGI."

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