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Today, most companies already file for their R&D activities. If this is true of your company, as a boutique provider of specialized SR & ED services, we add value to your corporate and tax strategy by applying our unique knowledge and claims expertise to expand the value of your existing SR & ED claims.

This value may be delivered through:

• detailed analysis of shop floor development initiatives

• traditional versus proxy overhead analysis

• analysis of jurisprudence

• training and implementing documentation systems

• third party contract compliance reviews, including those which need restructuring

• appeals evaluation

• assistance with problem CRA audits

If your company is not claiming its R&D activities, we will help you build a data collection system from the ground up, establish and train a team to manage the ongoing process with your internal engineering and tax personnel, and set in place a long-term SR & ED claims process to help you increase cash flow and position yourself strategically.

Some of our Clients prefer to undertake a portion, or even a majority, of the SR & ED claims process internally. For this reason, we also offer customized solutions where we build service packages based on an integrated approach of your internal skills and expertise with that of our BGI SR&ED team, to ensure all available ITC’s are achieved by the client.


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