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Commodity Tax

BGI Benchmark has performed over 35,000 sales tax reviews since its incorporation in 1983. Its proven methodology has successfully been used to recover overpayments for goods and services taxes in over 25 countries on 5 continents.

BGI’s sales tax client base is primarily made up of large private and public sector entities. Secondary reviews are also completed by BGI where companies lack confidence in past suppliers who have provided similar services, or simply see the value in having another set of eyes take a look.

BGI’s team is comprised of professional accountants, IT personnel and legal advisors with many years of experience in taxation. We are an international company with national representation. This provides our clients with the benefits of local tax knowledge, on-site availability at virtually any time, as well as a network of tax experts who are better prepared to deal with inter and intra-provincial sales tax issues.

BGI’s proprietary tax recovery process has evolved over many years, requiring minimal client staff involvement. Specifically, computerized reviews have enhanced identification of tax recovery opportunities while reducing physical on-site time. BGI’s sales tax reviews result in recoveries virtually 100% of the time, even where the competition has completed a review of the same records.

Data downloads are made quickly and easily with minimal client effort, while Senior IT Business Specialists and Programmers ensure the secure transfer of data.

BGI provides an easy to understand yet comprehensive report that explains where you have underpaid and overpaid your taxes in a very practical and useful application.

Completed refund claims, staff training, ongoing support, audit verification and system confirmation are also provided.


BGI is a global leader providing innovative solutions, optimizing savings and creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Experience the BGI Difference.

"We found the BGI IT department to be helpful in assisting our staff with the data conversion and our input in the whole process was minimal. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BGI."

Chief Financial Officer