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BGI Benchmark Group International Privacy Policy

BGI Benchmark Group International [BGI] is a global leader in asset protection, in identifying corporate overpayments and in advancing regulatory compliance. BGI has developed a thorough regime to for the ongoing protection of the privacy of its clients and employees.

The information we collect and hold:

• Identification of the companies to whom we are providing our services

• Contact details of our clients (including government-issued tax file numbers)

• Fulfillment of our legal obligations under applicable laws and rules, such as those relating to the payment of taxes (direct and indirect)

• Adherence to any requirements of privacy legislation, Federal and Provincial

How the information is used:

• We do not pass on any details of our clients other than when required to do so in compliance with a legal obligation pursuant to a Federal or Provincial law

Keeping information accurate and up to date:

• We take reasonable steps to ensure that all information we hold is as accurate as possible. We will correct any information we hold when requested to do so

Keeping information secure:

• As part of any agreement we enter into with a client, we undertake to keep such information of and relating to the client (and any third party) strictly confidential

We use security procedures and technology to protect information we hold:

• Our personnel do not have access to a client’s data unless they have been specifically assigned to work on that client’s specific file

• Where data is transferred between us and a client or as between any of our offices we use the highest standard of encryption to do so!

• Where other organisations provide us with information we ensure that we safeguard the privacy of information provided by them

Dealing online:

• In the event of our website being accessed, it will be an anonymous visit (that is, we have no facility by which we can personally identify the user)

• We do not collect any cookies


• Any questions relating to our privacy policy or the handling of information should be directed to or contact to our offices or by telephone or fax.

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