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ABOUT BGI Benchmark Group International

BGI Benchmark Group International Inc. was founded in 1983 and quickly became a global leader in innovative tax recovery, research and development tax credits, customs and duties, accounts payable and workers’ compensation. Globally BGI has performed over 35,000 reviews to date with a focus on comprehensive reviews that identify both recoveries and liabilities.

BGI has a dedicated team of professionals with experienced backgrounds in both the private and public sectors. Our team continues to raise the bar on best practices and performance in order to provide clients with innovative strategies that optimize savings, and create sustainable competitive advantages.

Our team are experts in accounting, engineering, legal services and information technology. As trendsetters in integrative asset protection and advancing regulatory compliance, BGI continually sets the highest standards in identifying corporate overpayments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

BGI is a global leader providing innovative solutions, optimizing savings and creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Experience the BGI Difference.

"We found the BGI IT department to be helpful in assisting our staff with the data conversion and our input in the whole process was minimal. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BGI."

Chief Financial Officer